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Contract address: 0x31Cc5AC39e2968c861830Ade3580318Bb815D633

Swapper Address: 0x618172BBc0ed012Fa060E87eF97F4872B308fd81

Send at least .01 BNB SmartChain to the swapper, it will send you the correct amount of SuperFuel to your wallet

​PancakeSwap Transaction Instructions

Best Method:

Set the Slippage to the default .5% and enter the amount of SuperFuel Tokens you wish to Swap for, add .000 to the end and click Swap. PancakeSwap will handle the slippage.


Legacy Method:

Click the settings icon, set the Slippage to 24% and click Swap 

The Premiere Automated Passive Income & Lotto Token on BSC

Rocketnomics Benefits

Holder Rewards

7% Automated BNB Reflections

Holder Lotto

5% Billionaire's Lotto

Lotto Prize: 100,000,000



2% Automated Liquidity


5% Development, Marketing and Promotions

19% Buy/Sell Fee Structure 

5% Transfer Fee Automatic LP



7% of every Buy or Sell transaction is converted to BNB and automatically airdropped to holders. No need for staking, simply buy and hold!


5% of Buy or Sell transaction is automatically converted to the current lotto token and sent to the lotto contract.


When the lotto contract reaches the current lotto tokens threshold, the lotto is triggered


The SuperFuel contract randomly selects 1 wallet holding which fulfills these criteria:

  • Wallet holds at least 100,000,000 SuperFuel tokens

  • The wallet did not win the last lotto draw (a wallet can win multiple draws but not 2 in a row)


The tokens in the lotto will be sent directly to the winners wallet.

SuperFuel Token Supply



​Our team is robust with many years of experience managing teams in multiple industries. During this time we have had various responsibilities which include project delivery, 
marketing, strategy development and product design. We are working with a very talented Blockchain Developer located in Melbourne (We are global) who is very experienced in BEP2 and ERC20 contract development. 


Co Owner

Combat veteran & Protector of the SuperFuel Token



Co Owner

Manager Of Operations


Stage 1

Contract development

Deploy website

Initiate socials

Build the SuperFuel community & engage the SafeMoon community

List on CoinSniper

List on CoinHunt

List on CoinVote

Presale whitelist competition

Presale on DXSALE 

Stage 2

Launch on Pancakeswap (2nd September UTC time) 


CMC fast track 

Website v2 revamp 

Billionaires lounge page 


Facebook, instagram, tiktok, 

First post launch competition 


Lottery contract upgrade

reflection contract upgrade

TrustWallet logo - in progress

Youtube and Twitter influencers - iN PROGREsS

Stage 3

Website v3 Revamp with advanced features

Contract Audit 

Dapp to show BNB rewards, lottery winners, volume

More competitions to increase volume

Safemoon Wallet

Exchange listings

community focused promotions


What is SuperFuel Token?

SuperFuel is an eco-friendly crypto currency powered by distributed ledger technology, a.k.a. the blockchain. Being a SuperFuel holder provides an easy way to reap the benefits of passive income and potentially accumulate a massive amount of their favorite tokens/coins at the same time. 

Why Lotto?

We want to bring the lottery into the crypto world in order to give everyone including small investors a chance to win big. By purchasing 100m of our token, holders are entered into our endless lottery.

Why BNB?

Simply because we at SuperFuel love the idea of passive income and if you hold a substantial amount of SuperFuel, the BNB reflections are also quite substantial. 
The benefits of which wont be seen by someone holding only 100 million tokens for lotto eligibility. As investors buy the tokens and supply reduces, even smaller holdings will no doubt see a higher reflection pay out.

How does the Lotto work?

5% of every Buy and Sell transaction goes toward the Lotto which is an automatic function of the contract. A random holder with a minimum of 100 million tokens will be selected by the contract and sent out when the threshold of the current token is met in the Lotto contract. Just in case you were wondering, no, we cannot game this function, it is purely and simply a function of the contract and out of our control.

How do BNB passive income reflections work?

Our 7% BNB rewards are automatically distributed to holders on all SuperFuel Buys and Sells; directly to their wallets. Simply buy the tokens and hold them in your wallet, no staking required. Automatic reflection rewards are placed into a queue and processed in order; once they reach $2.50 in value to cover the Binance Smart Chain transaction fees are automatically air dropped to the holder.

If I sell my SuperFuel tokens will I still get my owed BNB reflections?

Yes, holders will ALWAYS receive the BNB they are entitled to - even if they have sold all of their SuperFuel tokens.

Can I instantly trigger my BNB reflections?

Yes, we have a manual claim process where you can trigger your reflections at any time.

Please follow this guide to trigger your reflections.

What Slippage?

  • Enter the amount of SuperFuel you wish to Swap for and add .000 to the end and PancakeSwap will handle the slippage.


  • 24% slippage can be utilized by clicking the Settings icon and enter 24.

How can I find your socials?

Click the Menu Icon:

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  • Telegram-Icon
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  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
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