The Official SuperFuel Token PancakeSwap Buying Guide

1. Copy the SuperFuel Token Official Contract address: 0x31Cc5AC39e2968c861830Ade3580318Bb815D633
2. Go to
3. Connect your TrustWallet or MetaMask Wallet
4. Click on Select a currency 

5. Paste the SuperFuel Contract address into the form 0x31Cc5AC39e2968c861830Ade3580318Bb815D633 
6. Click Import
7. Check the Box “I Understand” 
8. Click Import

9. Best Method: Enter the amount of SuperFuel you wish to Swap for and add .000 to the end as shown. 
10. Click Swap and Approve the transaction from your wallet.


Note: Using the method described above removes the guess work, from calculating slippage. 


Legacy Method: Click the settings icon, set the Slippage to 24% and click Swap 

Best Method

Legacy Method

Thank you for joining the SuperFuel Token Family