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The Team

Our team is robust with many years of experience managing teams in various industries. During this time we have had various responsibilities which include project delivery, marketing, strategy development and product design. We are working with a very talented Blockchain Developer located in Melbourne who is very experienced in BEP2 and ERC20 contract development. 

Our unique array of skills and shared passion for cryptocurrency has enabled us to take over as owners of a token that creates an innovative take on passive income earning coupled with the chance at an endless lottery just for holding 100m or more tokens.



Combat veteran & protector of the SuperFuel Token


Jacob​ Hollingsworth

Co Owner

Manager Of Operations

Why SuperFuel?

SuperFuel was conceptualized out of our passion for DeFi. SuperFuel is an eco-friendly crypto currency powered by distributed ledger technology, a.k.a. the blockchain. Being a SuperFuel holder provides an easy way to reap the benefits of passive income and potentially accumulate a massive amount of some of your favorite tokens at the same time. Our passion for the community, shared success strategy, and ongoing marketing focus will drive the token through all the stages of its lifespan. 


We are bringing the lottery onto the blockchain. Our goal is to become the powerball/mega million of crypto.

SuperFuel aims to do this by:

● Rewarding holders of SuperFuel with BNB tokens airdropped directly to their wallets. 
● The SuperFuel contract will regularly purchase the BNB token for redistribution. 
● The Lottery wallet will accumulate the community voted token at the time until it reaches a threshold chosen by the community as well.

● At this point the contract will randomly select one wallet holding SuperFuel and automatically sends it 
the lottery pool.

● The lotto could go off at any time and very frequently during high volume periods.


Phase 1
● Contract development
● Deploy website
● Initiate socials
● Build the SuperFuel community and engage the 
SafeMoon community
● List on CoinSniper
● List on CoinHunt
● List on CoinVote
● Presale whitelist competition
● Presale on Dx Sale

Phase 2
● Launch on Pancakeswap
● Coin Gecko Fast Track
● Coin Market Cap Fast Track
● Website v2 Revamp
● DexTools trending
● First post launch competition
● TrustWallet Logo
● Discord
● TikTok, Facebook, Instagram
● Youtube and Twitter influencers

Phase 3

● Website Revamp with advanced features

● Dapp to show rewards, lottery winners, volume

● Community Focused Promotions

● Exchange listings

● Contract Audit


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000
● 5% Marketing (50,000,000,000)
● 5% Team (50,000,000,000)
● 2% DXsale Fees (20,000,000,000)
● 45% Presale (450,000,000,000)
● 25% PCS Liquidity (250,000,000,000)
● 11% Burn (110,000,000,000)
● 7% Locked in Contract (70,000,000,000

Rocketnomics Benefits and Fee Structure

Buy/Sell Fee 19%

Holder Rewards: 7% BNB Automatically Airdropped Reflections
7% of every transaction is converted to BNB and automatically airdropped to holders


Holder Lottery: 5%  to the Lotto
5% of each transaction goes toward adding the current lotto tokens to the Lotto contract

Stability: 2% Automatic LP 
Every trade contributes to the liquidity pool and promotes token stability 

Growth: 5% Marketing
5% of each transaction is converted to BNB and added to the marketing wallet so that we do not 
have to sell SuperFuel to pay for marketing

Transfer Fee 5%
Stability: 5% Automatic LP

Every trade contributes to the liquidity pool and promotes token stability


So many members of the crypto community dream about increasing their holdings of their favorite crypto currencies. We want to help people live their dreams. Our lottery works like this: 


5% of every Buy or Sell SuperFuel transaction is automatically converted to the current lotto token and added 
to the lotto wallet
  ●   When the lotto wallet reaches the threshold of tokens set by the community, the lotto is triggered
  ●   The SuperFuel contract randomly selects 1 wallet holding which fulfills these criteria:
    o   Wallet holds at least 100,000,000 SuperFuel tokens
    o   The wallet did not win the last lotto draw (a wallet can win multiple 
          draws but not 2 in a row)
  ●   The lottery pool will be automatically sent to the winning wallet

At every transaction the contract will check the lotto wallet to see if it has met the threshold of the current token. This means that the lotto could go off at any time. During high volumes of trade, 
the lotto could go off multiple times per day.


Thank  You

The SuperFuel Token Family

Contract address: 0x31Cc5AC39e2968c861830Ade3580318Bb815D633
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